If you are finding pictures to use anywhere as you wanted to use or with some edits in pictures according to your needs then firstly you have to know about the pictures rights. Because if you want to use a picture with reserved rights then you have to pay for these pictures or if you using it without paying then it can be painful for you and your business anytime. Mostly people who have an established business always works with purchased pictures. But the bloggers and small business holders who don’t have a proper budget to purchasing pictures for their commercial use are preferred picture licensed under CCO (Creative Commons Zero) which provides free to edit and use the pictures for any public domain.

Here is the most popular picture stock website list which offers “No Rights Reserved” images, so anyone can edit these images or can use directly on any kind of public domain freely:




All of the website’s photos are licensed under CCO. Which means you can do whatever you want with these photos! So if you don’t have a budget to purchase pictures for your website or blog then these websites will definitely help to your website.