What is the Perfect Figure Body Shape for women to being a beautiful one ?

Are you thinking the same as me? Yes, we all know the answer that here is no perfect body figure type for women It’s just a fixed figure which is fixed by our own society and we are following it as all other traditions. Have you ever think that If we have a curvy or plus size body shape or not have Zero figure body is not a big disaster of our life. We can be more beautiful with our own kind of body shape without dying to become someone else or we can set our own kind of beauty parameters.

Each girl has her own kind of body shape and can look beautiful in their own way so don’t worry if you have a curvy or fatty body type. What you just need is – some good styling tips to being confident on every occasion of life.

Here is some simple tips that will glitter your plus size styling in a beautiful way

1. Go with Black 

You can choose black for any occasion. It’s a beautiful colour to mix and match with any kind of accessories and you will get perfect look for any occasion, You can wear a black colour in a casual day, formal party or evening party. Black colour goes well with every occasion and will give you a hot and sexy look.

2. Glamorous V-Neck 

You can choose V-Neck outfits for special occasions. It will give you a simply attractive look in a glamorous way. If you love to wear deep neck then a deep V-Neck outfit is just for you for any glamorous occasion

3. Loose Shirts / T-Shirts

Add some loose Shirts and T-Shirts in your wardrobe’s daytime outfit section. Loose outfits are a better option of comfortable styling in daytime in a classy way. You can match some beautiful and simple accessories with your loose shirt and you are ready to go outside.

4. Shrug

If you want a variation with your usual outfits then you can go with shrugs. you can  choose between long and short shrugs according to your outfit. Like If you wants a trendy look for travelling or outing then jeans or shorts with a short top and long shrug is a perfect combination to styling and If you are going to wear a knee length skirt or dress then short length shrug will give you a refreshing match.

5. Long Top & Tees

Long tees and tops are a all time option for a curvy body shape women. You can mix and match it with shorts, Skirts and Jeans and some elegant jewellery peace. It is a good option for daytime outing & casual parties.

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